Having started to produce original goat hair tents in 2009, Asya Tent Industrial Trade Limited Company is still having its productions in its 15.500m² closed and 32.500m² opened service area in Uşak. Asya Tent is one of the five goat hair tent producers in Turkey and according to DENIB’s 2013 datas, Asya Tent has 92% of Turkey’s goat hair exportation and 60% of the World’s goat hair market. While having 2.500 tons goat hair yarn and 2 millions m² goat hair canvas capacity, in 2012 and 2013 with 2.000.000 USD investment, Asia Tent raised its production capacity 100%. In Uşak, Asia Tent invested 1.500.000 USD to buildings and 2.500.000 USD to new Open-End facility. Asia Tent is supplier of International Aid committees 3.500 disaster tents, 21.500 rugs and 151.500 blankets and will continue to be supplier of International aid committees. Asia Tent; is still producing tent canvas, goat hair tents, cotton tents, PVC tents and degenerate yarns according to needs of sector and market.

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